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PD SLG money clip by BRIC’S

PD SLG money clip by BRIC’S

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  • slim design
  • Padded design
  • Extra hold magnet
  • RFID Protected
  • Money clip

Smooth and shiny high-quality leather in color black, a refined metallic logo plate and without any seam line on the front: these features
give to the Small Leather Goods Classic Collection a timeless look, classic and minimal, designed to achieve a perfect combination
between aesthetics and functionality. The Small Leather Goods Classic Collection is elegantly built; all wallets and other products feature all
types of pockets, compartments and card slots to fit ones individual preference. Whether cash or credit cards, everything can be stored safely in dedicated spaces and is easily accessible. All items are RFID protected and secure any card data from unauthorized access. Some items feature a mesh pocket on the inside, a timesaving feature to store any travelling passes, etc. Inside the accessories the lining with Porsche Design icons and the co-branding logo add further value to the product. The Small Leather Goods Classic Collection is offered in many sizes and a wide range of interior options, with its elegant black smooth leather and the Porsche Design logo plate it sets a modern and luxury statement.

H x W x D (Expanded) (in.) 

2.8 x 1.6 x 0.6 |0.05 Liters 

The elegant fusion of aesthetics and functionality: the new Porsche Design Classic collection. High-quality, shiny smooth leather in black, seamlessly created exteriors and the characteristic metal Porsche Design logo plate give the Porsche Design Classic Money Clip a timeless and minimalistic style.
The folding money clip is the ideal solution for men who like having their bills quickly in reach or do not have a wallet with them due to certain circumstances. Magnets inside hold your bills in place.

• Folding money clip for men
• Smooth calfskin with metal Porsche Design Logo plate
• Magnets inside hold the bills in place

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